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Brand. Advertising. Marketing. Logo. Targets. Segments. Earned Media. Business Strategies. Inbound & Outbound Marketing. Direct Marketing. Digital. Customer Acquisition. Social Media Engagement. Retention. Campaign. Promotions. Groundswell. Grassroots. Guerilla Tactics.

Many of these words, and so many others, would appear to be an alphabet soup of just marketing phrases and jargon. But in today’s world, these words, concepts, and lexicon are extremely relevant and necessary to understand and/or implore to be successful. You need an experienced partner to usher you through the complexity.

Color outside of the lines.

Vintage Consulting is a boutique marketing and business strategy agency with the unique ability to authentically connect brands with the right people. With a full range of marketing services, Vintage can help you reach your business objectives and marketing goals.

What makes Vintage Consulting truly unique? Well, to put it in its founder Winston Warrior’s own words, “We color outside of the lines.” Vintage turns ideas on their head, brings a unique perspective to understanding the business challenge, uses data to drive the “ah-hah” insights, and then uses creative intelligence to solve the challenge. With over 20 years of diverse expertise in the marketing field, Winston leads a team that creates innovative solutions that deliver results.

Who is Winston Warrior?

A creative catalyst, a story teller, and a customer-centric marketing champion. Wonder Twin powers activate.

Award-winning experience combines with innovation to form this marketing executive. He tells stories to bring brands to life, then exposes consumers to those stories, and guides customers through the complete marketing experience – from acquisition to retention & loyalty. His path to success? Always prioritize the customers’ needs first, and use data to drive decisions.

Winston is an entrepreneurial-minded marketing executive with 20+ years of experience developing brand strategies; and shaping 360° engaging and integrated marketing, acquisition (outbound and inbound marketing), demand generation, promotional, and digital marketing campaigns.  He has successfully managed new product launches and feature extensions that drive revenue growth. He is also proven in the areas of B2C & B2B global products/services, wireless, entertainment, media, cable & broadband services, and consumer electronics, with success in startups, turnarounds, high-growth, and Fortune 500 companies.

Winston created Vintage Consulting to craft marketing and sales plans for companies. It focuses on defining each client’s brand vision and rolling out a customized, market-specific sales approach to accelerate revenue growth and a strong ROI.

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